About the Work

It started with a postcard. Not the tourist-town relic kind of postcard—but the kind you pick up at an art exhibit and leave on your desk for 2 or 3 years. Jim said “Let’s cut it up and make a collage.” So we did. We’d been reading about collage and thinking about collaboration. The divvied-up, cut-up bits of our Man Ray-afternoon became our first piece. We called it “Oysters talking at an underwater cocktail party.” Because that’s what it looked like. Still does.

Then we started thinking about the unlayering, the deconstructing of collage and stumbled onto the art form of decollage. Yeah it sounds like a low-cut blouse, but don’t think cleavage, think of the guy with the wheat paste putting up and pulling down posters for those concerts you’re not really ever going to see. That’s decollage. It spoke to us. Build it up and they will come. Tear it down and they’ll have to take a look. We took our cues from images and words that inspire and affect us—Parisian posters, letters from weary neighbors, photos from travels—and put our heads, our hearts, and our hands together to create an intersection of paint, paper, and words. The first time we showed anyone our work, Jim said “there are 4 hands on each work at all times.” After that, we were 4 hands on. Enjoy.